Involvement in an art project

We had a rare opportunity to contribute to a high-level art project that is shown from December to March 2020 at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

This video shows impressions from the Nostalgia artwork by Jaakko Niemelä. For this project, we were commissioned to simulate the destruction of a huge container ship and capture the different phases of its decay (Nostalghia). The simulation and the distinct lighting setup was made with the open-source software Blender.

Jakko Niemelä is a Finnish artist who has made destruction and the decomposition of structures an essential part of his art-making. During the past seven years, he traveled the oceans tracking his father´s routes who was a ship captain. Jaakko never really got to know his father and as a child often imagined the dangerous situations he might be in during his trips. With the Nostalghia project, Jaakko processes his fears and the relation to his father. Nostalghia is shown from 14.12.2019-15.3.2020 at the Helsinki Art Museum, HAM. The installation at HAM displays a huge illuminated scaffold structure with sails that are blown by wind machines.