Light properties

“ Crafted for Your Lighting Comfort“

Color temperature

LUOlight features a luminaire housing with four independent light sources. These include both warm and cool LEDs capable of casting light either downwards or upwards. Each of these four light components can be controlled separately, offering stepless dimming to adjust lighting strength. The interplay of warm and cool light significantly influences our biorhythm: cool light enhances vitality and reduces fatigue, while warm light creates a comforting atmosphere. LUOlight offers a color temperature range from 2800K to 7000K, catering to diverse lighting needs.

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LUOlight offers interchangeable optical adapters that clip onto the main bamboo part. The slit module, crafted from bamboo, directs a narrow beam of light downwards to create sharply illuminated areas on the floor for zone definition and guidance. The diffuse optics, made from 100% recycled acrylics, evenly disperse light in all directions, providing soft, glare-free illumination suitable for general functional lighting. These optics have excellent transmission efficiency, achieving 125 lumens per watt.

Up and down light

LUOlight offers independent lighting in two directions: upwards and downwards. Each direction can be dimmed separately. For instance, you can illuminate the ceiling to create a warm, mystical effect, or increase the brightness of the down-light for full functional lighting.

Lighting control

LUOlight is equipped with CASAMBI, a cutting-edge lighting control solution based on Nokia’s wireless, low-energy Bluetooth technology. LUOlight systems operate as mesh networks, allowing individual luminaire combinations to be controlled separately. Control is possible via handheld devices (such as cellphones, tablets, and smartwatches) or Bluetooth wall switches. Users can save scenes and create dynamic light animations. The system seamlessly integrates with DALI-controlled installations, requiring no complicated wiring.

luo-light PCB

The PCB´s

The LED lamps in LUOlight can be easily replaced with updated versions by simply dropping them into the bamboo case and fastening them. Passive convection ensures optimal cooling, with generously dimensioned copper circuits dissipating heat from the LED units into the surrounding air. This design keeps temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius, crucial for extending the system’s lifetime. The ability to change LED units makes LUOlight systems adaptable to advancements in lighting technology.


LUOlight’s light distribution has been measured in a photometric laboratory. Designers can utilize these files to ensure precise alignment with recommended lighting values. The photometric files (in IES or LDT format) are available for download on our website. Using Dialux software, designers can calculate light intensity on any surface and verify glare values with accuracy.