Month: January 2022

Archicad model with photometric

Our ArchiCAD library has now photometric light distribution based on accurate laboratory measurements. This is exciting news because planners will now be able to adjust and render LUO-light´´ s accurate light phenomenon in their projects. Deep gratitude to the GDL department at M.A.D. Helsinki for their programming.

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The Jätkä luminaire

Jätkä is a wooden luminaire that has an optical turning mechanism on its top. Similar to a pepper mill its head with an eccentrically placed COB LED can be rotated. By doing so the light beam is widened or narrowed. At the same time, the LED moves over a translucent sheet that dims the light. […]

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Luolight scale model

In case you would like to start the new year on a lighter note please drop me a line. We will send you a scale model of our LUO-light system by post for free. This model not only promises meditative relaxation it also helps to understand better LUO-light´s potential to shape infinite configurations.

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