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Archicad model with photometric

Our ArchiCAD library has now photometric light distribution based on accurate laboratory measurements. This is exciting news because planners will now be able to adjust and render LUO-light┬┤┬┤ s accurate light phenomenon in their projects. Deep gratitude to the GDL department at M.A.D. Helsinki for their programming.

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Exchangeable optical adapters

Our LUOlight system has optical adapters that change the light distribution from wide-spreading and even to more limited and focused lighting. The adapters allow being combined for decorative purposes. This can create interesting combinations. They are attached by a simple push clip system. The diffuser is made from satin acrylics and the focused adapter is […]

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Photometric Data now available

Photometric data of our LUOlight system is now available. It can be found in the download section of our website. The data allows engineers to calculate accurate lighting values in their projects. photometric files

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