Month: July 2018

Lighting control for LUO

The new joinable luminaire can be handled remotely. Users can download the free App to their mobile device and freely dim the light up and down, adjust the color temperature or switch it On and Off. The light will willingly follow your demand as if by magic.

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First installation in Switzerland

LUO has a first installation in the shop, Kronengasse 12, 5400 Baden, Switzerland. This installation consists of two opposing curved parts. More curved and/or straight elements can be added if needed.

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The new modular luminaire, a sneak peek in Lahti

The new joinable light  was shown in Lahti. Location: Pro Puu- galleria Satamakatu 2 A 15140 Lahti Dates: opening 06.11.-01.12.2017 mo-fr 10:00-17:00 sa 10:00-14:00    

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