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The new multipurpose power module

We have updated and optimized the Luo-light master module. It is now symmetrical so that both ends can be used either for AC or DC connection. When the AC power wire comes from the top then LUO units can be attached on both sides of the master module. Wire channels are milled directly into the […]

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Our new LUO-light scale model

Beside our digital model LUO- light library there is now also a scale model available. It is a laser cut panel with punched modules in scale 1/10. These modules can be freely arranged just like the real LUO-light elements. This scale model promises great fun and will light up every planning meeting between designer and […]

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Why Bamboo?

We are often asked why LUO is made from bamboo, after all, there is enough wood in Finland. The LUO modules are slim and have a large span width. Furthermore, the luminaire body needs accurate machining for fasteners and for the interconnection mechanism. We tested several materials from solid wood, MDF, Plywood to Bamboo. Bamboo […]

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Bamboo´s extraordinary strength properties

Studies at the ETH Zürich show that Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel. Read more….

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