What is LUOlight?

LUOlight reminds of natural lighting phenomenons in Northern skies. Polar lights swipe the firmament with their curved formations. During a clear summer day in Finland light changes dramatically from an intense cool brightness at noon to a warm golden glow at night. LUOlight brings the effects of natural lighting into the confinements of our urban interior spaces.

“ The LUOlight system is made in Finland from where it got its inspiration “


The LUOlight system is fully modular, with all parts designed for versatility. Straight and curved modules can be freely connected in any order, allowing you to create circles, lines, or a combination of both.


LUOlight has exchangeable optical adapters that are simply clipped on to the main luminaire part. The slit module that is made from bamboo focuses the light with a narrow beam downwards. This optic can be used to create sharply lit areas on the floor to define zones for guidance. Alternatively, the diffuse optic, made from 100% recycled acrylics, disperses light evenly and horizontally in all directions, providing soft, glare-free illumination ideal for general functional lighting.


LUOlight has four independent light sources. Cold and warm white light can be directed up- and downwards. Each of the light components can be dimmed and mixed separately. For example, the ceiling can be illuminated to create a warm, mystical effect, or the downlight can be brightened for full functional lighting. The interplay of warm and cool light significantly influences our biorhythm—cool light enhances vitality and reduces fatigue, while warm light fosters a sense of comfort. LUOlight provides both.

Lighting control

LUOlight is equipped with CASAMBI, a state-of-the-art lighting control solution based on Nokia’s wireless, low-energy Bluetooth technology. LUOlight systems function as mesh networks, allowing individual luminaire combinations to be controlled separately. Control LUOlight from handheld devices (cellphones, tablets, smartwatches) or via Bluetooth wall switches. Additionally, users can save scenes or create dynamic light animations. The system seamlessly integrates with DALI-controlled installations. No complicated wiring is needed.

Color temperature

“LUOlight brings the effects of natural lighting into the confinements of our urban interior spaces.”

Planning tools

Scale models and parametric digital 3D files support designers in their planning work and make customer presentations memorable highlights. Our website offers free downloads of various digital planning files, including parametric add-ons for ArchiCAD and REVIT.

“Designing with LUOlight is great fun”

luo-light planning tools
luo-light kiasma augmented reality

AR models

Our models are also available on the Google Warehouse repository, formatted for SketchUp software. QR codes provide direct access to Augmented Reality models. Simply scan a code, and you’ll be prompted to view the model in your space. By scanning your surrounding floor with your smartphone camera, the model will appear superimposed, allowing you to walk around and inspect it from all sides.


LUOlight’s light distribution has been measured in the laboratory, and the corresponding photometric files are available for download. Designers can use these files to ensure that the lighting values accurately align with recommended standards.


We use certified bamboo panels from plants harvested after just five years of growth. The material is carbon negative, meaning its production binds CO2 from the atmosphere. Each LUOlight component can be easily exchanged for future updates. The modules are lightweight and compact, positively impacting shipping and storage costs.

“ we use bamboo, an unparalleled efficient and sustainable natural resource“


LUOlight features no encapsulated light sources or permanent bonds. All parts are either screwed or clipped, allowing for easy disassembly if components need replacement. At the end of its lifecycle, the product can be easily separated into its individual parts for proper disposal or reuse of materials.

LUOlight components


Installing LUOlight systems is straightforward. Each module includes a cardboard stencil that is laid out on the floor first. Suspension points on the ceiling are marked using a pendulum or vertical laser. Modules are joined using magnets, and interconnector carriages link the LED lamps together.

” setting LUOlight up is as simple as
a child´s play “


Acoustic panels enhance indoor comfort and seamlessly integrate with our lighting system. We offer flat circular infill panels and three-dimensional inlays resembling illuminated sculptures. Their gentle, felt-like texture complements natural materials such as stone, concrete, glass, and wood. Made from 100% recycled PET bottles, the panels are available in 34 colors.

“ LUOlight now also extends into the
realm of acoustics”