presentation at Aalto Fablab

I am happy for being invited to present the LUO-lighting system at the 10-year celebration of the Aalto Fablab. The laboratory provided the milling of our very first module samples. I remember the moment when the shapes were carved out from a plywood plate, even though the material turned out to be far from adequate the result let us sense that we were on a promising path. As a regular visitor to the lab, I feel always excited about stepping into a place with wide manufacturing possibilities and extraordinarily skilled people.

In my presentation, I will give some insight into the development process of the LUO-light system, the challenges we faced, and the improvements these challenges brought to the system.

This is another good opportunity to learn about LUO-light´s rich functionality.

Aalto Fablab
Otakaari 7
02150 Espoo
18 November 14:00 -18:00

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