The Jätkä luminaire

Jätkä is a wooden luminaire that has an optical turning mechanism on its top. Similar to a pepper mill its head with an eccentrically placed COB LED can be rotated. By doing so the light beam is widened or narrowed. At the same time, the LED moves over a translucent sheet that dims the light. Jätkä is inspired by the lumberjack candle that has been traditionally used by Nordic lumberjacks, especially during winter times. This practical device consists of a simple wood trunk with axial drilling that serves as a chimney. A candle is lit at the bottom of the trunk that ignites the wood from inside. The loggers benefitted from the emitting light and heat for a long period of time. In a similar way to the fire fueling effect, our jätkä luminaire is cooled by the vertically streaming air. For this interesting luminaire, we are in search of partnering producers.

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