LUO-lights stand-alone versions

LUO-light is a modular lighting system that consists of straight and curved elements that can be freely joined together in any order. This video shows the basic assembly systems:

1. Big Circle 4*MOD-D163+Power Ø:163cm
2. Small Circle 4*MOD-D85+Power Ø:85cm
3. Oval 2*MOD-D163+2*MOD-D85+Power Dim:108*140cm
4. Big-S 2*MOD-D163+Power Dim: 65*256cm
5. Small-S 2*MOD-D85+Power Dim: 41* 147cm 
6. Line 3*MOD-S118+Power Length:390cm
7. Floor/Table version 1*MOD-D85+Power Dim: 6*42*44cm
Of course, these systems can also be combined.

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