Why Bamboo?

Anji Bamboo Forest – Hangzhou, China

We are often asked why LUO is made from bamboo. After all, there is enough wood in Finland. The LUO modules are slim and have a large span width. Furthermore, the luminaire body needs accurate machining for fasteners and for the interconnection mechanism.

We tested several materials from solid wood, MDF, Plywood to Bamboo. Bamboo was the only material that fulfilled all the demands. It has been tested in a harsh environment and no twisting or cracking has occurred. The modules stay absolutely stable.

Research at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland has shown that bamboo fibers have a higher tensile strength than steel and could replace the iron in reinforced concrete.

A prototype of bamboo-reinforced concrete developed by Dirk Hebel at ETH, Zürich

Another astounding characteristic of the bamboo material is that it is carbon-negative which means it binds CO2 and it can be harvested after just 5 years of growth.