Helsinki Design Week 2019

Helsinki Design Week gave us the opportunity to show two independent light configurations in the “room with a view” exhibition in the old renaissance-style palace in Erottajankatu 2.

The installation consists of a big circle and a free shape that were controlled independently

The installation displaid a repertoire of light sceneries that were preprogrammed and that played back as the visitors entered the room. The theme of this year´s Helsinki Design Week was “Learning climate” and focused on concepts that respond to climate change in a responsible manner. We think our light contributed in a meaningful way.

above in this image LUO-light with the focused slit optic module. The optical module can be easily changed.
Visitors actively used the LUOlight scale model to create their own shapes.
In the foreground the suspension cantilever of the big arc module
The two optical modules: slit on the left and diffuser on the right
This video shows the lighing qualities of the LUOlight installation.