Habitare pro 2019

Our participation in the Habitare Pro 2019 fair was successful. Last year we had shown the prototypes of our LUO-light system and were honored to receive the Best Concept Innovation reward from curatorial director Cara McCarty from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York.

We had used the past year to finalize the system. This year we presented the polarity neutral interconnection, a power supply, and control unit that fit into the modularity, the big arc module, up-and down lights for all the modules and much more. We are happy for all the positive reactions of normal consumers and experts alike.

hands-on excercises, modularity and lighting control

LUO-light is committed to giving the highest possible control and comfort to its users!

Our light can be also be used with bluetooth wall switches, th eprogrammed scenes are simply stored on the switch buttons
We collect information about our cases in brochures that can be downloaded from our website.
The light merges with the graphics on the wall.
A professional taught us what can be done with our system
The LUO-light installation guide, shows how simple the installation is. One person without training can do it!
Despite the high functionality, the LUO-light design is minimalistic, there is no unnecessary part.
The LUO-light ArchiCAD library makes designing fun it connects the LUO-light modules automatically on the fly. The designer can communicate alternatives in a matter of seconds.
The measured drawings for the booth setup
Computer rendering with accurate color codes. The shades are from the original color shard by artist Eino Kauria for Alvar Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium. We offer similar computer renderings to customers for free.