Have you ever wanted to freely shape light to adapt it to your true needs? This lighting system from Finland makes this possible.

LUOlight reminds of natural lighting phenomena in northern skies. In winter times polar lights swipe the firmament with their curved formations. During the summer solstice, the blue sky reflects in the lakes. Daylight during a summer day in Finland changes dramatically from an intense cool brightness at noon to a warm golden glow at dusk. Our light brings the effects of natural lighting into the confinements of our urban interior spaces.

Warm and cool light has significant influence on our biorhythm. Cool light increases vitality and reduces fatigue, warm light, on the other hand, creates a sense of comfort. LUOlight can create both.

LUOlight is modular in all its parts. straight and curved modules can be connected freely in any order. The resulting shapes remind of the softly contoured outline of a lake scape .

LUO will unleash your creativity to freely shape light in any surrounding like homes, offices, gastronomy, educational- or health facilities. It is an effective opportunity for architects and interior designers to complement their design with a highly modern, robust and flexible lighting solution.
LUOlight table version alternative black lens optic