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This luminaire is the most compact variant of the entire LUOlight family, it can be used either as a floor light or it can be placed on a tabletop.

The following combinations are possible:
-white luminaire with diffuser optics in acrylics
-white luminaire with lens optics in black bamboo
-white luminaire with lens optics in natural bamboo shade

On special request, the luminaire can also be made in a natural bamboo shade.

You will not want to miss your LUOlight after you have used it once!

Additional information

The curved part can be oriented to the opposite direction as well.
table version alternative

luolight light effects
This video explains the lighting control features

luolight optics
This video shows the three optical adapters


Material: Bamboo, acrylics

Light source: LED
Tunable white: 2800K-6800 K
Light directions: Up and down
Lighting control: Bluetooth

AC 220 – 240, V 50/60 Hz
DC 24 V, 0 up to 18W

Ingress Protection: IP20
IEC Protection Class: II
Marking: CE
EU Energy Labels (EEL): A++

Size: 255*80*3cm
Weight: 1,2kg
Optics: diffuser or focusing lens
Color: white+ lens adapter in black or in natural bamboo

Did you know?

  • By purchasing LUOlight you help to mitigate climate change. Our modules are predominantly made from bamboo the fastest growing CO2 absorbing plant in the world.
  • When moving to new spaces you can rearrange the LUOlight modules in any way according to your liking. The systems can also be seamlessly connected with each other.
  • LUOlight is also modular within its parts. Each component including the LED lamp is easily replaceable if needed.
  • The four integrated light sources offer rich functionality. The down and up light can be dimmed independently and the color temperature can be adjusted from cool to warm.
  • The lights can be controlled remotely via handheld smart devices. Predefined lighting scenes can be stored for example fully, functional cool working light or decent, warm atmospheric light for the evenings.
  • The luminaire also can react automatically to the natural sunset and sunrise cycle. The rich lighting control features are standard in all LUOlight configurations.