LUO is a modular lighting system that consists of straight and curved elements that can be combined freely. It is made of highly optimized parts crafted from sustainable bamboo. The extraordinary strength properties of this material are rigorously utilized which allows slim cross sections and large span width.



LUO will unleash your creativity to freely shape light in any surrounding like homes, offices, gastronomy, educational- or health facilities. It is an effective opportunity for architects and interior designers to complement their design with a highly modern, robust and flexible lighting solution.


The LUO system has a connectable, multifunctional light source that can be dimmed also and fine-tuned to cast from warm to cool light depending on the desired relaxing or energizing effect. Up-down-light components allow to illuminate spaces in ever-changing ways, for example mystic and discrete ceiling  illumination or/and full functional downward lighting. The LED lamps can be easily replaced for future updated versions.



LUO is designed for a long life cycle. With the replaceable light source the system will be always up-to-date. With each relocation it can be rearranged and adapt again to the new surroundings.


LUO is made from Moso bamboo. It is an especially fast growing regenerative plant that effectively suck carbon dioxide from the air,  its use so helps mitigate climate change. Bamboo can be harvested after just five years of growing. Its strength-weight ratio is excellent its tensile strength is higher than that of steel. Bamboo can be easily machined with a high level of detail. All this makes this material the perfect contender for LUO.


LUO is designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland, which is the home of a woodworking industry with extensive material knowledge and state-of -the- arts manufacturing techniques. It is our conviction that a product should be made in the country where it got its inspiration.



  • – made from Bamboo-26mm slim cross section
  • – numerous combinations of straight and curved elements can create vast varieties of shapes
  • – magnetic mechanical connectors for fast assembly
  • – suspended from wires or flush mounted on surfaces (walls or ceilings)
  • – optimized, harmonious and even light output with no glare
  • – passive convection cooling of LED units mounted on metal core PCB (low operation temperatures <60deg guarantee long lifetime)
  • – remote dimming via Bluetooth possible
  • – LED units can be easily changed by laypersons for upgrade within a few minutes
  • Two separate up-down-light components
  • – combination of different case colours possible (similar to Lego bricks)
  • – consumption from 8 to 100W depending on the number of assembled units
  • – designed and manufactured in Finland by workshops with highest craftsmanship



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